Ap Coach came in to being on 1st February 2010, and it’s aim was to offer technology tuition to individuals and groups, either private, public, or business. I had previously worked as an FE college lecturer and online tutor.  Having enjoyed the experience of facilitating online and face to face, assisting many learners to achieve their desired qualification.  The techniques I had developed went beyond the scope of teaching in the formal setting of the classroom or college virtual environment.  I also felt there were and still are, many people of all ages who don’t know how to apply and use technology.  Not only to their full advantage, but also how particularly the Internet can offer learning opportunities and inspiring ideas, that perhaps they had not even contemplated.
About the same time as I started the company, I  became part of the Digital Unite Tutor network.  Digital Unite at this stage where aimed at helping older learners, who wanted to use technology and the Internet.  As well as providing one to one tuition this way, I also looked at volunteering and became a volunteer IT tutor for Age UK Dudley.
All this was at a time when the Internet wasn’t so in-trenched in to society as it is today, it was just starting. The two roles developed into areas, skills and expertise, I hadn’t envisaged.
Tutoring for Age UK on a volunteer basis until 2014, I designed and delivered computer beginners and intermediate courses. And with the advent of the rise of the iPad included in my course portfolio iPad for beginners.  I helped out on their IT and Biscuit days, and raised money for them by donating my private tuition fees for a month.  In the Autumn of 2013 they nominated me for a national award, and I was one of seven who won.


I stopped volunteering with Age UK when I did, in order to concentrate on a major project that Digital Unite had asked me to work on. Not wanting to give up on volunteering completely, I looked for another role which would fit around my DU commitments. Since 2012 I have been a volunteer for ITCanHelp, which is part of AbilityNet. Providing help by troubleshooting basic technology problems for people who are physically challenged. For three years in a row, I manned a stall at the Dogs for Disabled Funday. To arise the awareness of AbilityNet’s services.
As a Digital Unite Tutor, I began to be offered work on some of their long term projects. Starting with the ‘Get Connected’ in 2010 which working in collaboration with NIACE. A scheme to introduce and teach technology to residents in sheltered accommodation. 2012 saw the inception of the Affinity Sutton ‘Get Connected’ project, where DU trained and supported Affinity Sutton Digital Champions mainly online, through mentoring via me and peer groups and their e-course materials. This further inspired the creation of the Digital Champions Network in 2013 which I was also asked to mentor and support. This originally started out as the Digital Champions Network for housing, But it was soon apparent the training system would be beneficial to other sectors, such as councils and care organisations.
I have a passion for wanting to help people to learn. Learning for enjoyment or gaining important qualifications. I believe that technology and the Internet are wonderful tools to use in the process of learning. There is still much to learn and discover.

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