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First rule of Android users club is get an antivirus app!
I like using Android phones and tablets and there are many manufacturers of these devices that use this operating system.  Sony, Samsung, HTC to name but a few.  The devices in some cases are cheaper than the ‘Apple’ alternatives, although some of the second hand iPhones are getting better.
As the system is used by so many, it is regularly targeted by malware, which normally rides on the back of an app download.  That’s why it so important I feel, once you have one of these devices you seek out antivirus protection immediately.  Before you go ahead and download that wonderful app you have been thinking about.
Also it’s not just the number of people of using it, which makes the impact of the attacks so bad, but which version of the Android system they are using.  Marshmallow is the latest OS from Android, but device users could be on older systems such as  Kit-Kat, or Lollipop, which may be more vulnerable to newer malware threats.  This is where Android can be a little frustrating, because sometimes, they stop free system upgrades from certain versions.
So if you have or looking to buy an Android phone or tablet, do think about it’s protection as the system has recently been targeted by a threat called ‘HummingBad’.

Although the video mentions that many reports of the malware attack come from India, don’t be fooled in to thinking that it might not happen to you. Here is also a report of ‘HummingBad’, from ‘TheDrum’ a few days ago.
Not all sales people will mention the protection aspect of an Android device, probably because they are worried about not making as sale.  Whatever version of the system you go for, once you have anti-virus in place you can feel safer in downloading your apps. Here is a list of the best 15 antivirus for Android published earlier this year by Android Authority  I have a couple of protected Android devices and which have been in my possession for a few years now, and I’ve not picked anything up yet.  Nor has my husband who protects his Sony phone. Also some of the major Antivirus companies will include in their PC protection at no extra cost coverage on your phone. So the next time you need to renew your desktop antivirus have a look out for this.
In addition to getting anitivirus on your handheld device, don’t base your app download judgement on ‘it sounds good’  or ‘this will do the job’.  When you visit the app store check out the app’s reviews and the number of times it’s been downloaded.

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