Celebrating Older People’s IT Skills

Next week on October 1st it will be Older People’s Day.  Celebrating the contribution that older people make in society.  I work with charities, and housing associations, both in a voluntary and paid capacity.  I encounter a great sweep of older people, who give up their own time to help others get online.


I would like to outline some of the amazing activities that these people get up to.  I not able to mention them by name because of data protection.  But I can certainly highlight their age and ability.


First of all I take my hat off to a man in his early 70’s who not only helps other older people to get used to computer basics, shop and play games.  He also organises and sets up equipment for them too.  Using his skills and knowledge to assist someone who may be living on a set income.


Next we have an octogenarian, who back at the beginning of this year had no IT skills whatsoever, but now is giving advice and guidance to others who want to use the Internet.  Imagine the courage, that this person would have had to muster to be able to take these steps.  And then to decide that they wanted to continue to help more people.  Good communication skills that where already in place but they had to find their confidence first.


There are quite a few people in their 60’s who have retired and have an IT background.  The knowledge and experience they possess is valuable because more of the daily services we engage with,  are now starting to provide online access only.  These people can help, and do take the fear of using IT away from people of a similar age, who have not used technology before.


Finally, I would like to bring to your attention to the older volunteers who work with charities like Age UK, year in and year out, developing their knowledge of IT , planning and carrying out classes in some areas.  Where I volunteer the team has one or two people in their 70s or 80’s.


All of these people should be applauded and thanked for their continued efforts and dedication they give to society.  I will certainly be thinking about them on Older People’s Day.
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