Don’t forget the big screen!

When there is a discussion about helping to get people online, so they can access some really useful  and entertaining services on the Internet.  It tends to revolve around providing them with the knowledge to use  desktops and laptops, or smartphones and tablets.


Smart TVs  or a SmartTV services tends not to be talked about in this and yet they could be the better solution for someone to get online or indeed change the way they want to access to the Internet.


The large flat screen TV is now coming up to a decade of being widely available to most households, and it’s been roughly in the last 4 years that it has moved towards integration with the Internet.  Our TV is 7 years old and I am able to access the Internet, through a  3D Blu Ray player, which has a built in WiFi adapter connecting wirelessly in to a router.





So the point I am making here is that you don’t have to go out and buy a brand new SmartTV  to enable you to access the Internet. A cheaper practical way of getting SmartTV is available.  If you are already owner of a flat screen TV that as ports on the back to connect a computer up to it, or has a few HDMI slots.  There are a whole range of compact boxes, such as Apple TV or Google TV that offer Internet services.   Along with game boxes and DVD players, which also may have these Internet services built in.


These kinds of apparatus  are  ideally for someone, who just wants to access film or TV services, and who maybe use Facebook, Twitter and Skype to socialise and make contact with family. Having a service that includes an Internet browser is an advantage.  Because you can then visit your local council or doctor’s surgery website. Quite in important if you are someone who has to see the doctor on a fairly regular basis and want to book an appointment online.  You can also access your e-mail.  However, not all these kinds of services offer web browsers, and admittedly some still have to reach the good standards of Chrome or Firefox.




The advantages of getting online this way are:-

  • Users don’t have to worry about purchasing anti-virus programmes, or looking out for malware the Internet TV service provider takes care of this.


  • Some people find it easier to understand and read information on a large screen, especially if someones eyesight is going to worsen over time.


  • Healthwise, your  body is not bent over a desk looking at a laptop, and you are not prone to getting a crick in your neck if you are an owner of a tablet or smartphone.  But you do have watch out that it doesn’t encourage you to be a couch potato 🙂


  • It’s great to see your relatives overseas on a big screen when you make a Skype call.


Some of the boxes will also allow you to plug in a mouse or keyboard, so you don’t have to struggle with  the remote supplied by the manufacture.


If you know someone who is looking to get online, or you are helping people get online.  Have a look at all the options out there, remember you need to consider what is going to be easy for them to access, maintain and fit in with their budget.

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