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As I test drive apps and software, on different devices.  I also spend some time to make sure the antivirus protection programs on them are simple to operate and are  reliable.  I am not going in to any great depth about free versus paid.  And I do understand that some people are not in a position to have a paid version. Other than just to say for me personally, where I am carrying out an activity which, involves money and personal details about myself or relatives.  I don’t feel secure relying on a free program.
I do get asked about which of the free programs is best to use, but I don’t make any clear recommendations just simply state what has worked for me in the past and now.  Currently I am using Avast, but this may change as I periodically look for reviews, such as this one recently published by PC Mag UK. Having the right protection on your device is an important decision and can be compared to looking for an alarms system to be installed in your home.  You want one that is straight forward to set up, and to be clear about what will trigger the alarm off.
This is why I encourage people to make an informed decision before they home in on any one program to install on their device. This does mean conducting some research. You should look out for reviews of the product, other than the ones made by the manufacturer.  if it has been involved in any recent testing with other free products. It helps if you come across a comparison table, just like the one in the PC Mag article above.  And whether it could clash with any other programs or apps you have on your device. When it comes to your own personal protection online, you really can’t afford to rush it! But isn’t the time spent doing this worthwhile in the long run?
As I have been a Windows operating system user for many years.  I just wanted to mention the effectiveness of Microsoft Security Essentials, and now more recently Windows Defender.  I didn’t find MSE particularly reliable and had a couple times where malware got on to my system.  I can’t speak about the new WD, but having been bitten by malware on Microsoft’s previous program, I am reluctant to be positive about it.  I suggest to look at using it on a temporary basis, until something more robust has been found.  Here are a couple of articles which discuss Windows Defender integrity, this might help you decide.  The first is from the ‘How to Geek’ and was published early this October. Whilst the second is from ‘PC World’ and was published at the beginning of the year.
Finally this short video from Panda Security reminds us all of what we need protection against.

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