It’s been some time and Windows 10

Well I’ve not made a post here for some time, as I’ve been involved with some really good projects with Digital Unite.  I am currently in the course of updating the website.  So if you do look at it from time to time the layout may change.
lots to talk about on the technology front as usual.  Particularly the ‘in your face’ attitude by Microsoft with Windows 10.  I am dragging my feet on making any changes with my desktop, especially when I see comments about people who have upgraded and reverted back to Windows 7, because their machines were continually experiencing problems.  However, there are many who really praise the system and can’t understand why people are having difficulty in trying to make the move.Windows 10 Advert
As I’ve always observed with new system developments, if  the implementation of it is streamline and trouble free, it can appear be to the end user as the ‘bees knees’.  However, if  the end user is fatigued by endless hours of trying to be patient with different little quirks and problems that crop up, then in their eyes, it can seem the biggest pile of rubbish out on the market.  There needs to be more tolerance with technology in the sense that one person’s experience of installing a new os system is not going to be the same as someone else’s for a number of reasons.
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