Moving on from Windows XP

At the beginning of the year, I highlighted the issue that Windows XP was going to lose support from Microsoft in 2014.  Here we are in the middle of August, and I am still encountering people who are still using XP, or who are not aware of what is happening next year and how it will affect them.  I can understand that some of us want to hold on to XP, because it has been such a good operating system.  It out shone Vista when that was released a few years back.


For some of us change is not easy, particularly if you are entering your years of maturity.  The thought of having to learn a new system can be quite daunting .   You worry about still having the confidence to be able to operate a PC independently.  Let me assure you it is there.  Retaking a beginners or intermediate computing course will help ignite it.


Making the move from XP can be less troublesome than you think.  Here are a few pointers.
1. Don’t leave moving or upgrading to the last minute, you want to carefully plan out the migration of your photos, files, and music or anything else important you have on your computer.  Do a bit of research with local computer sales and repair companies, and ask for some evidence of satisfied customers, or have a look at their website if they have got one.
2. Should I move Windows 7 or Windows 8?  If you upgrade or buy to Windows 7, there are more opportunities within the community to attend free lessons to learn this system.  Many libraries, community centres, and UKonline centres advertise such support.  But do check about what they are able to offer some may still only run courses on XP, if you are looking  to do some classes in the Autumn.  If you are someone who lives in social housing.  Many of the housing associations are starting projects up to help residents and are recruiting Digital Champion volunteers to help with getting online or basic IT skills.  So also check with your housing provider to see if they are organising something in the near future.
3. If you opt to buy new equipment or not able  to upgrade your old hardware.  You do need to be cautious when you are shopping around.  Firstly if you are on a limited budget, why not have a look at what you can get in the refurbished/recycle market.  There are a growing number of companies who provide this service.

If you have not very much technology knowledge, when you go shopping for your new laptop or desktop.  Try and get a friend or relative to come along with you, who may have more experience.  I am sorry to say that some of the larger computer retailers, have taken advantage of older peoples’ vulnerability and their lack of knowledge. They have been  incorrectly sold goods or services which they don’t understand or wouldn’t use.  Not to say that smaller retailers can be just as bad, but most of the incidents that have been told to me over the years, concern the larger ones.  Also larger stores will only try to sell Windows 8, or only stock Windows 8 machines.  So just take care before you part with any monies or sign anything.


If you want to find out more from me about moving on from XP or anything mentioned in this item.  Then please do contact me by any of the methods you see on this website.


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