Protection from the Sun?

Yes that’s right.  Not only do we have to protect our skins in this sunny weather. We also have to make sure our computing devices are going to cope as well. So here are few things to be aware of hardware wise, and also with your own personal security.

First of all, whether you connect to the Internet via  phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and TV.  It is import that your device has a good flow of air circulating around it.  This is more so the case with notebooks, laptops, desktops, and TV’s.  Whatever do,  if you are using larger devices like these, don’t  push them right up to a corner of a wall.  And with laptops, I don’t recommend using these laptop cushions you can get, unless they have some kind of vent for the air to flow.  It is best to get a laptop stand.

The air around your device should also be of a constant temperature.  So ideally, you want to use your device in an air conditioned environment.  If temperatures really soar in to the high twenties Celsius, and you have a mobile device.  It would be better for you to go under cover in to a shopping mall and use your device there.  A good excuse to cool down in a free WiFi coffee shop, where they sell cold drinks.

For people using a device at home, and  don’t have air conditioning. See if you can invest in purchasing a fan to cool the air down.  As really hot weather will put laptop, notebook, and desktop hardware and your router under pressure.  The older your computing  device is,  the more prone it will be  to difficulties in heat, in an unconditioned atmosphere.   I know it will be great to escape the heat of the sun, by coming indoors to browse on the Internet, but I wouldn’t recommend using the device, again in temperatures of the high twenties, and low thirties. Wait until they die down a little.  Even though such devices do have built in fans to keep the CPU cool. The temperatures outside the device should still be around the high teens to low twenties.

If your computing device is affected by heat, not only can it put pressure on hardware components such as central processing unit (CPU), but it can also have an affect on how you connect to the Internet.  This may be slower, and your ISP provider’s signal may be slower on hot days too.  So don’t over heat yourself by getting to frustrated, if you don’t connect as fast as you normally do.

With mobile computing devices, it will be great to take them out doors.  Hook up with a WiFi hotspot near to, or in a park.   Within minutes you can be relaxing on a bench, or on the grass looking at your favourite website, or having a chat with a friend on Facebook.   Be wary of people in your vicinity, don’t say anything too personal on Facebook, if you are getting a lot of people traffic in front or behind you.  And also I don’t recommend you doing personal shopping or banking in these open areas.  Unfortunately, fraudsters will take every opportunity to get at your details.  The same also applies if you decide to do some web browsing in a coffee shop or shopping centre.

So if your computing device is your pride and joy, look after it in the heat and it may just last that little be longer than expected.  And take care when using your device in a public area.


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