Sensible Multi-Storing

As an technologist I’ve had the word ‘backup’ etched into my DNA.  And many of my clients have come to me. Through the route of, “I’ve just lost some really precious photos because I didn’t bother to, or didn’t know how to backup”. And today it’s  not just being capable of doing one backup but having the ability to sensibly multi-store.
I can’t bear to think how I would feel.  If I lost over a decade of photographs  of moments with loved ones.   Simply because I hadn’t made the time to ensure they had been copied to an external hard drive. Or uploaded to one of the many cloud services that are now available. Devices can die on us when we least expect it.  They may no longer function well on the net because their systems are too old, and not updated, or a company stops updating the system. And the most common of reasons of losing valuable information is that the device has become a victim of malware.
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Once a person has been taught some of the fundamental skills of using their device for getting the most out of the internet. ‘backup’ should be introduced, if it has not been mentioned before.
When should you ‘backup’?  If you download, files or photos fairly regularly, every day lets say.  You need to evaluate how much they mean to you. Some people would choose to backup on a daily basis, or others would wait and backup weekly.  Backing up on a  to USB stick or an external hard drive , if you are desktop/Android tablet user, I don’t feel is enough precaution. It’s time to also look at start using a cloud service.
If you are someone using a device that cannot connect to external storage. Or you are less likely to do so, because you carry out just about everything on your mobile phone. Don’t be totally reliant on Social Media facilities such as Facebook to take care of your photographs.  Have a look at using at least another cloud service to store your ‘treasured memories’ to.  Remember malware attackers target hugely popular platforms. Facebook users are encouraged to have an antivirus app on their page for protection.
I have chosen to manage my precious data through both external and cloud services.  I regularly sweep the external storage with an antivirus check. But the cloud service should have a robust protection system, and for peace of mind you do need to look at this when you are selecting your service.  Make enquiries about how often they test their systems out.
Something to bear in mind if you have already got quite a lot of files or photos on your device already but have not been backing up, but you are going to start now (You really should!).  Uploading to a cloud service may take some time due to the size of files, or the speed of the Internet connection, and of course the traffic on the site.  So please be patient, it really is worth it!

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