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Apple did release their update the end of March, I have downloaded it on my iPad but not as yet on my iPhone. Everything has seemed to gone well, and has not disrupted any of the functionality of the apps I have got on the pad.
I have been reading more into the Creators Update, the new major update for Windows 10.  It’s providing new facilities for us to investigate and use, such as 3D designing, and a mixture of Augmented and Virtual Reality. I do wonder though how many Windows 10 users are enthusiastic about having these, have the time to investigate what they do, and simply have the home set up to be able to use them?
I think one of the most notable changes will be how Windows 10 will approach the security of the system. Windows Defender Security, now becomes Windows Defender Security Centre. This short video from Microsoft explains.
This will be one of the main reasons why I will down load this major update, however the are a number of other features that Windows 10 users may find useful. For example, Storage Sense. We are so busy with what we do with our computers we don’t realise that we download a lot of temporary files as part of the process,which can be taking up valuable storage space. Now this does depend on what kind of activities you get up to on your PC, and how often. But even if you don’t use it for many things or much of the day/week. Temporary files can still build up over time and most users are not aware of this, or know what to do. By switching on Storage Sense in this new update, the process of getting rid of these temporary files is automated so you don’t have to think about it, or remind yourself that you need to do it.
You may also be interested that Microsoft have now produced a light tinting system, so you are able to dim and hue the background of your PC to suit the time of day. This is most important if you want to take more care of your eyes but a better alternative for me would be just getting your PC to read things out to you. You can try this by having a look at narrator in Windows 10 accessibility features. If you are interested in seeing what else the update has in store, this is a good article to look at on addictive tips. The update is due for release on 11 April.
And finally also since last time, I’ve enrolled on a Masters course in Online and Distance Education. I’ve always enjoyed helping learners through this method and blended learning. And I am really looking forward to attaining a new level with my teaching.  I won’t be starting till September, but it does mean I will be less able to spend time making posts and adding video tutorials to this website.

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