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Since January I have been busy with a number of learners in either voluntary input or paid capacity. First of all, I have been involved supporting a group of adults with learning needs. They have been gaining practice and knowledge with using Android tablets. In addition to this the group have been testing out a couple of apps which are still in development, Able to Include and AbleChat. Both these apps are based upon using pictograms to construct messages. Which can be integrated into apps such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter.
With individuals been mainly working with elderly people with visual impairments. In some cases it’s just being troubleshooting apps such as Speaking Email, or it’s been setting up an iPad for some one who is completely new to technology. It’s great to have these accessibility tools, but it does take some time for a person not necessary to know what they do, but to be able to operate them efficiently and correctly. Sometimes it’s a case of checking out the setting of these apps so they can be set to work the best as they can with the person.
I was really pleased early February to achieve Apple Teacher status.  This this means I am I able to give tuition and advice on a number of educational and business applications not only on an iPad or iPhone, but also on a Mac computer.
Another little project recently completed is my participation in an online course regarding digital accessibility. Even though this course covered some themes I already knew, there were also a number of skills and knowledge which I hadn’t come across, and I am now finding very useful. A course like this really emphasises what digital accessibility means and how important it is for all of us. I certainly got a few action plans that I need to put in place for this website and the videos were I’ve produced. The course was free and I studied through Futurelearn.  You can purchase a certificate outlining what you have studied and how much time you spent studying, and yes there was an end of course test. However, if you follow the recommended course path you should be confident about taking the test at the end.
If you need help in troubleshooting or learning how to do something on your Smart Phone,  Tablet or Computer. Don’t forget to look at my Facebook Page, as I post here variety of articles on the World Wide Web which may help you with your query. For instance both Apple and Microsoft are set to make some significant changes with their operating systems. With Windows 10 I have said a few articles which date an update will be released sometime in April. And Apple are looking to release iOS 10.3 at the end of March.

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