Having been a technology enthusiast for many years, I am able to provide a wide sweeping range of services.


Since 2003, I have worked and covered contracts related to e-learning and blended learning.  My experiences ranges from course induction, mentoring, assessing, and facilitating.  To website maintenance and security, forum moderation, course editing, design input, and solving learner website queries. These activities have been carried out on Moodle, Drupal, and currently Canvas.


I have a passion for helping people learn how to use technology. Supporting someone to understand and use a piece of software or equipment, so that they can complete a task well, for themselves or others. Providing encouragement, patience and enthusiasm for someone seeking to obtain a certificate that recognises their technology talents and skills. Being a coach, mentor and adviser for when the learning, or the capacity to learn gets tough.
Here are just a few sample of what I can cover after over thirty years withing technology either through work or hobbies. I can cover a wide variety of situations for this particular type of learning.

  • Setting up a new computing device, (PCs, Macs, tablets, iPads, smartphones, smartTVs) and providing basic guidance on how to use it
  • Teaching the basic skills of computing and using the Internet
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions on a whole range of photo and video editing software, office software, collaboration software and social media apps
  • Support and guidance with an IT qualifications

Digital Accessibility, Literacy and Numeracy Support

Over the many years that I have been teaching technology, I have accumulated a number of skills in supporting learners who either have physical or learning impairment. I can tailor tuition to suit the needs of these individuals either in a group or on a one-to-one basis. As technology constantly changes I do keep myself up-to-date with developments in these areas. Most recently completed a short course with Southampton University regarding Digital Accessibility.
Also I currently work with a small group of adults who have a range of learning needs. As well as helping them to operate a tablet, we have also been testing out new apps being developed specifically to help adults with learning needs to communicate. Within my capacity as a volunteer, I have been helping visually impaired elderly technology learners to understand and use iPads.




Website performance and social media management

As a business or organisation it’s important to have a good and cost effective presence on the Internet. Investing in website performance and social media management is a must if you want to reach an audience, not just beyond your immediate scope, but actually within your local vicinity.
By using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Twitter and Facebook.  I can draw up a plan with you of how to approach and improve visitor numbers to your website.  Or you can engage me to set up, plan and monitor web performance for you.  Producing a set of regular reports for you, identifying which social media channel or online marketing tool is most successful over time

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

Armed witMPj04429310000[1]h the knowledge and experience of a vast amount of  equipment and software, both old and new.  I can perform simple diagnostics. I can offer some basic support and advise whether you need to invest further funds to solve the issue.



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