The Trouble with PC Updates

Whether you are a Window 7 or a Windows 8 user it is important to keep them up to date.  With 7 updates are normally installed automatically when you shut the computer down.  With 8 in my experience it is the other way round.  When I switch on the desktop version of Windows 8 it will say, restart to install updates, or it will automatically restart in the next 2 days. There are no doubts, that there are times Microsoft will need to provide a number of updates all in one go.  Goodness knows I’ve sat through messages that have said installing 1 of 20.  But what if over time you suspect that your updates are not installing properly? What are the steps to resolve this?

The first step is to look at the Windows Update section.  To do this you left click on the start button, and on the menu, left click on Control Panel.  Windows Update is under the heading Systems and Security.  With Window 8 desktop, you will need to click on the desktop tile, move your mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the screen, until a mini version of the start tiles appear.  Now right click this, it will give you  a list of areas to click in to, giving you the option to left click on Control Panel. Once in Windows Update you will see which important updates you need to install. It is then just a case of following the onscreen instructions.   Sometimes you may need to use this root to update your PC,  with  because some files can be too big to install at the close or restart.  Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is a good example.

Some updates can fail to install, and in this case, it may be Windows Update itself that has a problem.  So both in 7, and 8 desktop, Microsoft have provided a Windows Update trouble shooting tool.  Here is a short video on how to access it.


Installing updates can be a time consuming process. And you may be a person who not only has a PC, but could also have one or two more computing devices.  If this is the case. I’ve found timetabling myself an afternoon/evening in one part of the week, to check on updates  useful.  Not only do I check on the operating systems updates, I also check my Internet Security, or  for new versions of Skype.  Not installing programme and system updates, can lead to the programme not functioning properly or securely.  So although a lot of programme produces state they will install  updates automatically.  It is still wise to do, the occasional manual check yourself, or get a friend or relative to help you, if you don’t have the knowledge or experience.


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